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Here you can find news and updates from Martlet and Crown, we regularly update our build blog so you can see what we have been up to. Here you will also be able to find information on where you can meet us in person at shows or events! You can also keep up to date on all Martlet and Crown news by following us on Twitter (@MartletCrown)


M&C Newsletter February 2015

First and foremost, we would like to apologise to everyone for the total radio silence over the past few months. With busy day jobs, freezing cold weather and migrating the workshop from Berkshire to Hertfordshire, progress on the Martlet 4ce has really slowed. Although we are disappointed things have slowed in progressing the 4ce, it Read more…


M&C Newsletter July 2013

It was a conscious decision to postpone the July newsletter as much of the month was spent correcting errors in the bodywork which doesn’t make for exciting reading or writing for that matter! With high temperatures and long days throughout the month, we made a real push to finish the bodywork of the Martlet 4ce Read more…


M&C Newsletter June 2013

The last month has flown by with lots of developments in the workshop, our white MG has now moved on to pastures new leaving only our development of the Martlet 4ce to focus on! We have hit a number of key milestones including the fitting of the windscreen, hanging of the doors and creation of Read more…


M&C Newsletter May 2012

It has been a number of months since the last newsletter made it online and I can only apologise for such a delay! Development has been continuous and unrelenting on the Martlet 4ce with much progress to report. First and foremost the body has now been mated to the chassis utilising supports present on the Read more…


M&C Newsletter January 2013

The Martlet 4ce special edition of our newsletter is here. We have had a number of enquiries about the car which I take to mean that people are beginning to find our website. As you will know if you have been in contact with us the development is taking longer than we anticipated however we Read more…